Pro Bono acts in defense of animal rights

Specialists of the Law firm « SERVICIOS JURIDICOS NORAGAR» not only work with their professional orientation and with the purpose of promoting sustainable development, but also with their personal and human interest, improving the quality of life of the entire society.

Nowadays, domestic animals form an essential part of the society, multiplying their role in it every day, and promoting their coexistence and the establishment of social relationships.

However, there are attitudes and actions that are not amenable to any logical explanation or justification, causing the suffering and mistreatment of animals.

Our specialists offer their services on a voluntary basis, by giving answers to the inquires previously made and providing legal support to public organizations and associations for the protection of animals and individuals. They base their action on the preparation and submission of complaints in animal cruelty cases, regardless of administrative or criminal liability.

In this way «SERVICIOS JURIDICOS NORAGAR» offers help to all those who wish to declare cases of neglect, abuse, ill-treatment or abandonment of animals, by using the law to protect the lives and advance the interests of animals.

«SERVICIOS JURIDICOS NORAGAR» will provide the legal Services and support on the filing and prosecution of administrative complaints and crimes with the aim to prosecute not only administrative offence but criminal in cases of animal cruelty, causing their death or injury or abandonment of animals.

Our specialists offer their assistance and cooperation in any situation related to the knowledge and application of legal laws governing the access and permanence of animals in public places, transport, catering establishments, etc… with a review of the applicable regulations, at the national, regional or local levels.

Besides contacting with us through Public Organizations and Associations, with which it has concluded collaboration in the development of the terms of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), you can contact in a particular way using the form, direction or phones indicated.

Legislation, Jurisprudence and News on the Law of Animals: