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Law firm “Servicios Jurídicos NORAGAR” was founded in 2013 by specialists with over 25 years experience in the field of civil, family, intellectual, corporate and labor law.

While working with a client, we are guided by the following principles:

Professionalism – This is the first and most important principle for us at work. In the provision of legal aid, we cannot make mistakes, taking into account the significance of the issues. Therefore we do main focus on the high quality of our expertise and our services.

Convenience – Following our professionalism. We listen carefully not only problem of the client, but the clients themselves. After all, our actions are measured by the convenience for each individual client, and we try immediately to respond to all reasonable requests.

Lawyers of “SERVICIOS JURIDICOS NORAGAR” are characterized as animal activists and therefore they carry out their activities in this field on a voluntary basis.



We study your case exhaustively without leaving anything to chance


We advise you throughout the process to follow the best strategy


We adjust our fees to the work done in each case.


In Servicios Jurídicos Noragar we have a team of qualified professionals to study your case. Analyzing the writing of your mortgage, we will determine if you can benefit from the new law that affects the land clause imposed by the banks.

If so, we will proceed to take the necessary legal actions to claim the amounts that correspond to you for the improper payment.

You can go to our offices with mortgage deed or call us to arrange an appointment and for free we will expand the information.


In our firm, you will find the support, information and peace of mind that you need to solve any of the legal problems that may arise.

Our team of professionals is ready to take on any challenge.


Did you have a legal problem?

Do you need to know what steps to take to create a business?

Do you need to legalize your situation?

Do you want to patent your creation?

Have they sued you and do not know what to do?

There are many situations that require a serious and professional orientation, that take care of your interests covering all the possible angles.

Send us your query through the form and we will find the best solution that suits your circumstances.